The SE Seattle Tool Library is a lean, entirely volunteer-run organization whose doors have been open to the community since April, 2015. We provide a resource for members to borrow 1000+ tools for their home, yard, and auto projects. We loan out everything from hedge trimmers to power washers to specialty saws. Using the tool library allows people to save money by avoiding buying tools that will only be used a few times, and reduces the environmental impacts associated with tool purchases.

Tool Library members can borrow and take home most tools for up to one week at a time. In addition, the tool library has certain shop tools that stay in our garage space, and are available for members to use during open hours.

You can check out our inventory page to search to see all of the tools in our collection. Let us know if you have a question about what we have in our collection, or if you would like to see the tool library purchase a particular tool for community use that we don’t currently own.

Meet the Team!

These are the hardy volunteers who help keep the SE Seattle Tool Library’s doors open and the organization running smoothly!

Jacob1Jacob Lipson (Executive Director). Jacob has volunteered as the director of the tool library since March, 2016. A Seattle native who works on environmental policy issues in his day job and loves biking in his free time, Jacob is inspired by how the tool library seems to bring out the best sides of folks in the SE Seattle community. Jacob’s most successful tool library-supported projects include digging a trench and hooking up the plumbing to plastic rain barrels…. Admittedly, not particularly impressive work, so you’re probably in better hands asking one of our many other, more-talented volunteers for guidance in embarking on your next project!


SusanSusan Keiff. Susan has been volunteering at the tool library since October, 2015, regularly staffing Wednesdays, picking up lots of awesome tool tips from our members, and serving on the board as secretary/treasurer. She escaped the Midwest and the corporate world to enjoy Seattle’s beautiful weather and learn bicycle mechanics at Bike Works, where you can find her regularly at Volunteer Repair Parties and occasionally teaching classes.



mattMatt Crook. Matt has been volunteering with the SE Seattle Tool Library since September 2015 and is on our board.  A real estate broker during the day, he was attracted to the tool library by the sheer logic of tool sharing.  While maybe not the handiest of the volunteers, he enjoys tackling maintenance and projects on his car, which he takes to the race track and laps as often as he can.



PatrickPatrick Tomeny. Patrick is a bicycle mechanic by training with a goal to become a jack-of-all-trades. His hobbies include woodworking, home renovation and tool restoration. Feel free to share your knowledge of unusual and obscure tools with him!

Patrick staffs the Library every other Saturday.




Jason Ball. Jason is a fabulous volunteer, but will remain an enigma for purposes of this website.

AndrewAndrew Stambrosky. Andrew has been a volunteer since March 2016. He is a Seattle transplant from Florida and found the tool library while looking for tools to build his furniture after moving.





KristieKristie Lukas. Kristie lends her graphic design, editing, and writing skills to the tool library, and has been a volunteer with us since March 2015. Kristie is passionate about alternatives to our current economic system, including barter systems and community sharing programs -like the Southeast Seattle Tool Library! Besides volunteering, Kristie enjoys hiking, gardening and creative endeavors of all kinds including cooking, pottery and painting.



Andrew Fuller. Andrew has been working with wood since he began building skateboard ramps with friends in middle school. He excelled in shop class in high school which led to a series of summer jobs building high-end custom furniture throughout college, where he worked in the wood, metal, and neon shops as a Student Aide. He later was responsible for running the UW School of Art Woodshop and Industrial Design Studio and the Cornish College of the Arts Furniture Design Studio for a period of time but has since given up professional woodworking. He scratches that itch with home improvement projects, he and his wife Lis have significantly remodeled their early-1900s home in Columbia City, learning the true meaning of “sweat equity” in the process.

Jim Rush. Jim is a retired hydrogeologist, and Jim and his wife of 34 years, Sue, moved to Seattle to be closer to two of their three adult children. Jim does woodworking, furniture repair and restoration, and home improvement projects, plays bridge, and volunteers at the VA.

Jealous of all of the fame and attention bestowed on our wonderful volunteers via this website? Get involved with the tool library, and join the crew!